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Our focus is self-sufficiency, accountability, and etiquette. Our main goal is to create a nurturing environment where our clients will receive assistance with barriers they face in becoming self sufficient. These transferable skills will help not just our client, but their dependents, family, and their peers. We believe that if you feel good, you look good, and if you look good, then your goal is to pursue personal visions and dreams!.

Self Sufficiency Programs

We help individuals adjusts to living on their own for the first time. Teaching skills on bill management, grocery shopping/household maintenance, completing W2 forms for employment, obtaining official forms of identifications, learning to read employment contracts, and several other aspects of sustaining independence.

Mental Health Referrals 

Partnered with local counseling agencies to provide referrals based on an individual need basis.

Transportation Assistance/Clothing Assistance

Transportation is determined on an individual basis. Transportation may be available for job interviews and transportation to work and/or school. Restrictions apply. 

Community-Based Correction Programs

Transition into the Community

We assist convicted felons with removing the barriers to re-entry into the work force and community. Mock job interviews, mock parole meetings, and situations that involve confrontations and life altering decision making. 

Life/Behavioral Skills Techniques

Group programs include: modeling (demonstration), instructions (describing appropriate behaviors), rehearsals (practicing), and feedback (praise and corrective).

Self-Esteem Building Techniques

We believe that when people are released back into society from incarceration, the stigma associated with their crime affects not only the individuals self-esteem, but also their ability to secure gainful employment, housing, drivers license, and/or the ability to provide financial assistance to their dependents to name a few.

How You Can Help

Our services are free to the community. We gladly accept donations for resources to continue servicing our virtual and physical communities in the most efficient ways possible. Looking Forward is a 501(c)(3) non prof​it organization.​ 

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