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Resume Writing Assistance 

Are you interested in finding a new a career field? Need help to get your resume noticed by employers? Submit a copy of your resume for a free revision.

Life Skills Coaching

Learn budgeting techniques, grocery shopping techniques, how to obtain official forms of identification, how to open a bank account. Most importantly learn FINANCIAL LITERACY! Sign up for our virtual or in person "Life Skills Training" courses (group and individual sessions available). 

Career Coaching Skills

  • Role play/Group sessions with realistic career scenarios and how to properly respond. Learn how to respond to a negative situation at the work place before it takes place. 

Gang Retention & Mentorship Programs 

Looking Forward focuses on activities that lead to the extinction of gang activity, criminal mischief, and being a party to or associating with dangerous individuals. We strive to implement new routines in our participants mental thinking that will lead to a life free of incarceration. 

Job Training Skills

Sharpening transferable skills to sustain employment and/or developing career opportunities. 

Financial Literacy Training 

HEALTH IS WEALTH! personal budget development, addressing morals related to personal spending.

College/G.E.D. Preparation

G.E.D. application assistance, prep study, & information regarding testing locations. Financial assistance may be available. 

Computer Training Skills

Basic internet navigation skills to advanced. Learn how to create email addresses, create documents via MicroSoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Career/Entrepreneur Planning Assistance 

Work with one of our career connection coach's to development your career plan, step-by-step. 


Performing Arts

Hu$$le$ of the Art$

How You Can Help

Our services are free to the community. We gladly accept donations for resources to continue servicing our virtual and physical communities in the most efficient ways possible. Looking Forward is a 501(c)(3) non prof​it organization.​ 

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